Best WordPress Themes for Musicians, Bands and Music Events

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WordPress Theme for Musicians – Americanaura

In this article I'm going to highlight some of the best WordPress themes for musicians and bands. Most of them include niche-specific features, such as music player, gig/events manager, discography manager, etc. These themes make it easy to present and promote your music. Their main strengths and differences determine the best way to use them.


Elegant Themes Giveaway: Complete Access to 87 Premium WordPress Themes and Support

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Recently we have surprised you with the release of our second free WordPress theme “Undiscovered”. And while you're waiting for the next freebie to arrive, here we come with another valuable gift this year. are happy to give away some of their membership tickets. 3 lucky people will be invited to join their club at no cost. All the winners will be given complete access to 87 themes and support, while one of them will receive a developer licence. Who would like to get a whole bunch of high quality WordPress themes for free?


WordPress Theme Design Trends of 2014

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So now that the New Year has come and passed, it's interesting to evaluate some common design trends for WordPress themes that are likely to dominate this year's theme design. As we all know, design trends often determine the way WordPress themes will look. Popular features and design solutions are often repeated on many occasions, thus creating a web trend.


10 Best One-page WordPress Parallax Themes

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I‘m pretty sure that you have already seen at least some of the dynamic one-page WordPress themes as it‘s becoming mainstream. The key feature, which makes them interesting and alive is vertical parallax scrolling effect.

Best WordPress Parallax Themes

Implementation of a parallax effect can range from subtle to complex. Sometimes, the developers make it even too complex, as the line that separates good and bad choices is pretty thin. If done right, it can provide an exciting browsing experience.


Which WordPress Theme Is the Best for Your Personal Blog, Business Website or Portfolio? The One that Represents You

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There are many different types of WordPress themes and many different designs. When choosing a suitable theme for your personal blog, website or portfolio, it's crucial to pick a theme that reflects your personality. It goes beyond liking a theme's design. It is important to understand what kind of a person you are and what kind of content you wish to share. Your WP theme should reflect this personality to make you feel comfortable managing your website.

Once you decide what you need and what WP theme personality suits you best, search for different themes to compare them and choose the best one for you. To make the search easier, use our advanced filtering tools to your benefit.


Choosing a Tumblr-style WordPress Theme: Minimalist, Grid-based or Creative?

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Choosing a Tumblr-style WordPress Theme

Tumblr-style WordPress themes allow users to have various post formats on their websites. They can easily post images, videos, quotes, links and a few more types of content. Most of these mirror Tumblr post types and they let you build a fully functional tumblr-like microblog. However, not all WordPress themes support all content types, so you need to take that into account when picking the best theme for yourself.


WordPress Theme Features You Don't Necessarily Need

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It's very important to find the right WordPress theme for your website. It has to be functional and packed with all the features you need to build a successful website. That's why reviewing a list of theme features is important to determine whether a WP theme suits your needs or not.

While there will always be many features you'll need, there will also be some features that you'll find completely unnecessary. In most of the cases, these unnecessary features are not bad – they simply don't suit your website. Understanding which features you need and which ones you don't is very important when choosing the best WordPress theme for your website.


50+ Retina-ready WordPress Themes for High Resolution Displays

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Apple were the first to bring super high pixel density screens to mass production. They called them Retina displays. The initial idea was to have a crisp and clear, high definition graphics displayed, that human eye wouldn't be able to distinguish individual pixels. A simple compensation method was used that doubles in size each of the UI element.

Retina-ready WordPress theme


Themeshaker User’s Guide: from Basic Search to Advanced Filtering

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Once in a while, we get messages from users, who do not understand Themeshaker's features very well. Not that many, but we are still very concerned of this happening. It has not been difficult to address every issue personally, but we decided to write up a post that could answer most of the questions straight away.

The purpose of this post is to provide general information and instructions on how to make the most out of this site. The guide begins with an overview of the homepage elements, and goes on to describe the use of basic and advanced filtering. Learn how Themeshaker can help you to find the right WordPress theme quickly and easily. If you still have a question that has not been answered, please ask us.