Elegant Themes Giveaway: Complete Access to 87 Premium WordPress Themes and Support

Category: Freebies, Themes, Giveaways, Posted by Paulius Rašytinis on: 11 Feb 14, Comments: 1

Recently we have surprised you with the release of our second free WordPress theme “Undiscovered”. And while you're waiting for the next freebie to arrive, here we come with another valuable gift this year.

ElegantThemes.com are happy to give away some of their membership tickets. 3 lucky people will be invited to join their club at no cost. All the winners will be given complete access to 87 themes and support, while one of them will receive a developer licence. Who would like to get a whole bunch of high quality WordPress themes for free?


Appz. A Free WordPress Theme to Show off Your New iPhone App

Category: Freebies, News, Themes, Posted by Paulius Rašytinis on: 12 Apr 13, Comments: 40

Themeshaker was launched half a year ago. Back then, we were so excited about it that we couldn’t wait any longer without introducing it to the world. Even though the site was missing a few basic parts, the application itself was ready for action. 6 months after, we have finally got our blog up and running.

During the last few weeks, we were thinking about the ways we could draw your attention with the very first post on this blog. Surely you don’t have the time to read lengthy intros while standard welcome messages are so damn boring. How about a free WordPress theme for a start?

Appz theme: Overview