Best WordPress Themes for Musicians, Bands and Music Events

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In this article I'm going to highlight some of the best WordPress themes for musicians and bands. Most of them include niche-specific features, such as music player, gig/events manager, discography manager, etc. These themes make it easy to present and promote your music. Their main strengths and differences determine the best way to use them.

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When searching for the best WordPress themes for musicians, you need to pick those that are flexible enough so you could adjust them to your needs. Customization and personalization of a website is very important for all musicians who wish to build a steady online presence.

You have to be memorable and unique enough so visitors and potential fans can associate the band’s name with its music. Of course, the most important step is to make unique music and to have your own, original sound. When it comes to a website, however, it has to reflect your band’s image and to stand out from the rest.

Basic Overview

The most important elements of a music website are those made for presenting and promoting your work. You need a WordPress theme with elaborate features that will make it easy for you to offer all the relevant information about your band and music, to present and promote your music (via a music player and discography/album information), to promote your live shows (gigs, tour dates and other events), to share this content around the Internet (via Social Media and other links) and to sell your merchandise and digital content.

If you have an indie band, especially if you play rock music, the best-suited theme will be a dark and gritty one, with a music player and a good gig manager. Festival themes should always support numerous artists and offer a good events manager. A good WordPress theme for nightclubs would also have an extensive events manager and ability to share information about many different performers. Club themes should also include numerous promotion tools.

Music magazines, informative blogs and music industry archives need powerful tools for publishing posts and offering extensive information about many different artists.


Americanaura is a premium WordPress theme for musicians, specially designed to be professional, elegant and effective. It allows you to share and promote your music, include gig and tour dates, share info about your band and connect all your social media profiles.

WordPress Theme for Musicians – Americanaura

The theme has a customizable marquee and pinboard so you can easily feature all the most important content on the homepage, such as recent videos or news. This theme also includes a site-wide jukebox made for streaming your music. You can choose songs from your discography you wish to feature in the jukebox so your visitors can enjoy them. The jukebox is an integral part of the website and it stays on all the time, even when visitors browse other pages.

The theme comes with a detailed Events/Gig manager so you can display all the info about your events (time, place – including Google Maps, price, subscription to events and social media sharing). The theme makes it easy to embed your SoundCloud content and play it on the site and to share your social media profiles so your fans can find you on social media sites.

This WordPress theme for musicians is built on the Audio Theme framework. It’s SEO-friendly and made to be very fast and reliable. This theme is fully responsive so it looks great on all types of devices. This way, your website will be accessible to all of your fans, regardless of the device or browser they use.

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Metric is a a great choice for musicians, DJs, producers and any other music artists, who wish to build a strong and professional online presence. It’s also a powerful festival WordPress theme that is perfect for various music-related events.

Festival WordPress Theme – Metric

This WordPress theme has a trendy and modern design made to put your content into focus. You can easily customize many of the elements according to your needs. Control the look and feel of your website and make it match your brand perfectly by changing colors, backgrounds and other elements using a powerful Theme Options Panel.

The theme offers all the necessary features and options a music-related website should have. It includes Events manager, Albums, Galleries and Videos, blog, slides, callouts and pages. You can easily stream your music right on the website. It comes with strong social media support and 22 musically-oriented social networks.

This theme is fully responsive and retina-ready so it looks great on all types of devices. It comes with a WooCommerce support so you can setup your shopping cart and sell your merchandise right on your website. It also includes touchable lightbox for image viewing, responsive grid-based layouts, page templates, contact form with reCaptcha and shortcodes (tabs, columns, alerts, buttons, and more).

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Soundstage is a trendy WordPress theme for bands ideal for making a great first impression and establishing your online presence. The theme offers all the powerful features a band website needs, such as music streaming, discography, events, blog, and more.

WordPress Theme for Bands – Soundstage

The theme includes a large slider on the Homepage so you can easily showcase all of your most important promo and gig photos. The theme offers easy MP3 streaming so you can present your music to all your fans. Build extensive Discography section with album covers and audio players for songs.

You can also setup a “buy” link on the discography page so your fans can easily purchase your music. This WordPress theme for bands comes with a full WooCommerce integration so you can easily sell your merch and even music straight on your website. You will be able to seamlessly integrate a store with a shopping cart on your website’s layout and manage it completely within WordPress.

Share your latest videos and music on the homepage and display your photos in the gallery. This theme includes a handy Events/Gig manager so you can easily organize, display and manage all of your tour dates, events, and more. It also includes a blog with various post formats.

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IndieFest is a band WordPress theme made to be big, bold and effective. It allows you to establish a professional online base for your band. The theme is ideal for folk artists, pop stars, indie rockers, bands, music festivals and other types of music-related websites. The theme is made to be cheerful and summery or moody and epic, depending on what you need and what kind of image you want to send to your fans.

WordPress Music Artist Theme – IndieFest

This theme comes with GigPress, ideal for managing your tour dates. It also includes a SoundCloud player you can use for presenting your music. You will have an option to upload MP3s and manage a customized Twitter feed and Facebook feed for all your activities. The theme also offers a handy newsletter sign-up for your visitors.

You may also use the theme for blogging, sharing band information, posting videos, presenting band members, managing photo galleries, and more. The theme also includes a shopping cart so you can easily sell your merch right on your website.

It includes a big visual display area on the front and center. It’s made for your logo so you can fully customize the theme for your needs and match your brand. Alternatively, you may use the header photo of your band or a slider slideshow displaying cycling images. This WordPress music artist theme is fully flexible and it can be customized in many different ways.

It comes with 8 predefined backgrounds for changing the look and feel of your website. There are also 17 main colors and 15 accent colors to choose from. You can freely mix and match them to create unique color combinations and match the layout of the website with your band’s colors.

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It’s a modern and unique music theme for WordPress, best suited for music bloggers, bands, solo artists, entertainers and other music-related websites. It comes equipped with all the essential tools you need to present your work and build a professional online presence. It uses a trendy tiles design for managing your content.

Music Theme for WordPress – RockWall

This music theme has a huge homepage slider made for presenting your photos, latest news and other featured content. The focus is on the news and article management, so you can present all the music business news or your own gigs and tour dates. You will also be able to share your music and choose songs to feature.

The theme also allows you to promote your events and gigs. It comes with numerous promotional tools you can use for promoting your band or music blog – share news, reviews, photos and videos. The theme allows you to add info about record labels, feedback, sitemap, FAQ, featured artists, and more.

This music theme for WordPress uses social API for easy including media buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and more. It comes with integrated support for Google and Squirrel fonts so you can have beautiful typography on your website.

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Grammy is a flexible WordPress theme ideal for bands, solo performers, DJs, labels & agencies and other musicians who wish to build an effective website for promoting their work. Also known as The Artist of the Year, this theme is specially made for building professional-looking websites that will put your content in the focus and present you in the best way.

Music Band WordPress Theme – Grammy

This music band WordPress theme makes it easy to upload your promo picture in the header or to have an attractive slider cycling your latest pics or advertising your new gigs and album. This theme includes an integrated discography solution for your releases and a handy events/show manager. Use it to display your gigs, tour dates and other important events.

In addition, this music band WordPress theme includes a full blog functionality so you can easily share news, tidbits and new info with your fans. Use custom newsletter function to make your visitors sign up for a newsletter and keep themselves informed on your band’s activities. The theme also includes a full WooCommerce functionality so you can easily setup your own shopping cart and sell your merch right on your website.

This theme is made to be fully flexible and adaptable, so you may adjust it to your needs. It includes 8 background colors made for changing the vibe of your website. Choose between wood, concrete, underwater, velvet, amp mesh, ghost, crosshatch turquoise and crosshatch red. Make the website colors match your band’s image.

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IronBand is a trendy WordPress theme for music websites. It’s best suited for bands, musicians, DJs and other music-related websites. It’s designed with a careful attention to details and with your visitors in mind. This is a great theme for presenting and promoting your music and for establishing a professional online presence for your band.

WordPress Theme for Music – IronBand

The theme includes all the essential tools and features you need for sharing and promoting your music. You can use a handy MP3 player for streaming your songs. You can easily integrate all of your SoundCloud content and playlists. Promote your gigs, tour dates and other events using a handy Events & Gig manager and share info about your band using Biography section.

The theme includes Discography made for sharing your album info. You can also share your latest videos and the most important news straight on the homepage. There is also a huge Revolution Slider for showcasing your featured content. The theme even includes a Booking section so you can easily manage concert tickets.

The theme works with all social media sites so you can easily integrate your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. Include your live Twitter feed and add custom social media profiles.

This WordPress theme for music has a modern but unique design with layered PSD. It’s very customizable and flexible so you can adjust it according to your needs using a handy control panel. It’s possible to customize even the smallest details, such as fonts, colors, sizes and background images. The theme is fully responsive so it looks great even on small screen devices.

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Nocturnal is a premium WordPress nightclub theme. It’s specially designed for nightclubs and bands to promote their music and activities. This theme comes equipped with numerous features for presenting your content and offers, including strong promo tools you can use to spread the word about your club or band.

WordPress Nightclub Theme – Nocturnal

This theme has a special featured content built to support posters and flyers. This way, you can easily make flyers and other promo materials for print. It will help you promote your band or a club, but that’s not all: these flyers are specially made to match the overall theme and vibe of your website.

The theme also includes numerous social media icons so you can easily connect all of your profiles. It comes with a handy Contact page with Google Maps so you can share the location of your nightclub.

The theme includes extensive theme customizer support. This template is translation ready (it comes with a .POT file included) so you can easily translate it to other languages and effectively localize it for your needs. It fully supports left/right/up/down arrow keys and Google custom fonts library. This way, you can easily include many different fonts to your website.

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Dark N Gritty

Dark N Gritty is specially designed for bands and musicians who prefer dark and gritty websites. This WordPress band template will convey the message of your music perfectly and set a powerful tone. It can be used for presenting your discography, sharing music, promoting various shows and establishing a web presence for your band.

WordPress Band Template – Dark N Gritty

The template comes with all the important tools a band needs for presenting and promoting their music. It includes a unique homepage slider ideal for presenting your band’s photos. It’s best to choose clear, sharp images and to make a nice mix of promo group photos and photos from gigs.

Dark N Gritty band template comes with a custom discography option so you can easily list all your albums and other items in the discography. It also includes social media links so it makes it easy to connect all your profiles at one place and spread your network.

Theme includes a Band page, where you can share details about your band, Shows/Events manager, photo and video gallery. It allows you to install a music player on the homepage so your visitors can listen all of the songs you offer.

This template also comes with a full WooCommerce integration so you can turn your band’s website into an online store for selling your merchandise. Additional features include: full blog (so you can easily share news and tidbits with your fans), newsletter and unlimited pages.

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Kontrol is a premium nightclub WordPress theme. It is also suitable for DJs, bands, solo musicians, radio stations and other music-related websites. The theme comes with all the powerful features you need to build a strong online presence and share your work.

Nightclub WordPress Theme – Kontrol

The theme has a nice Events manager for your gigs, tour dates and other events. It’s easy to share all the details and info about the upcoming gig and show the venue location using a Google Map. The theme comes with numerous post types made for including important content, such as: Discography, Albums, Videos, Photo Galleries, Artists (and band info), Important Items and Events. Using these post types you can include all the vital content you need for promoting your band or nightclub.

The theme has a huge homepage slider made for including your featured content such as image or news. Each slide can link to a separate page with a more detailed info about the event, album or news item.

The theme also offers easy social media integration so your visitors can find you on social media, newsletter signup, calendar and upcoming events neatly presented on the homepage. Other things you can feature on the homepage include: latest album, latest video, featured artist, photo gallery, important event, latest Tweets, and more.

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EPROM is a premium WordPress DJ template also suitable for bands, solo musicians, producers and other music-related websites. This theme is great for sharing and promoting your music and it can also be used as standalone creative portfolio for sharing your work.

WordPress DJ Template – Eprom

This theme comes with an audio player on the homepage so you can easily present your music. You can also share your recent releases, news and upcoming events. The theme uses shortcodes with a handy shortcodes manager so you can easily adapt the layout and include all the content you wish to share. The theme includes a beautiful Revolution Slider you can use for showcasing your best images.

This theme uses a custom Events Manager you can use to organize and display your gigs, tour dates and other events. It can be set to display repetitive and multi-day events. You may also use a counter to countdown time to the next event. The events are automatically switched from future to past after they occur.

The theme also has a strong support for social media so you can easily connect all your social media profiles: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Last FM, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, and more.

This WordPress DJ template comes with a powerful panel made for easy managing. You can change complex things such as CSS style or JavaScript, and if you don’t want to go that far the theme makes it easy to change colors using a Color Picker. There is also a Backgrounds Manager, font library with over 400 fonts, unlimited sidebars, and more. This theme is fully responsive so it looks great on all devices.

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Night Music

Night Music is a powerful nightlife WordPress theme specially designed for DJs, producers and club owners. It will also fit any music-related website, including bands and solo artists. Theme makes it easy to share your music, present events/tour dates, include latest news, connect to social media, and more.

Nightlife WordPress Theme – Night Music

The theme comes with a big homepage slider made for showcasing music videos and for collecting fans’ emails so you can keep in touch with your visitors and share important news and updates with them. This way, the theme makes it easy for you to build a fanlist and keep your visitors informed about your activities.

This nightlife WordPress theme comes with a custom built-in SoundCloud player for presenting your music. The player works on all devices and offers all of the SoundCloud benefits. It’s easy to add your Discography using built-in custom post type and share your Events/Gigs with GigPress.

This theme fully supports WooCommerce so you can easily sell both your merchandise and digital products right on your website. The theme includes WooCommerce styles so you can make the store match the rest of your website perfectly. It also includes a strong support for social media so you can easily connect all of your accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, BandCamp, iLike, Instagram, BandsInTown, iTunes, Beatport, SoundCloud, CDBaby, Last FM, My Space, ReverbNation, Purevolume, Tumblr.

The theme is made to be highly customizable so you can adapt it to your individual needs. It comes with a hex color selector so you can choose your main and accent colors for the layout. The theme is made to be dark but elegant and it sure puts your content into focus. It also includes a full-width template and many attractive text styles. The theme is fully responsive so it looks great on all devices.

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Amadeus is a classical music WordPress theme. It’s made to be elegant, functional and to put your content into focus. Ideal for websites dedicated to classical music, but it can be used for many other types of websites.

Classical Music WordPress Theme – Amadeus

The theme includes a blog section with various layouts for the main page and single posts. There’s also a work section made for presenting your main content. You may choose between various layouts and have a full control over displayed elements. The theme is enriched with various plugins you can use to include additional content.

This classical music WordPress theme allows you to easily customize color schemes for all theme areas (header, content, footer, etc.), upload logo and favicon, use custom background images, choose fonts, basic font size, default frame type, and more. The theme includes fancy dividers, frames and headings for making your text and layout look more elegant and to make the content stand out.

This theme is fully responsive and retina-ready so it looks great even on small screen devices. All your visitors will be able to view the website in all its beauty, regardless of the type of device or browser they’re using. The theme is easy to use: it can be installed in a few minutes and it includes a shortcode generator, custom post types and a help mode.

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Soundboard is suitable for bands and solo artists who wish to promote their work and build a strong online presence. It’s also great as a music festival WordPress theme. It includes sliders, 7 page templates (home, tour dates, gallery, video, audio, contact, full width) and many powerful options.

Music Festival WordPress Theme – Soundboard

The theme makes it easy to display your Tour Dates with a custom post type. All tour date entries are automatically sorted by date and moved to the “past dates” section when the event is over. You can also easily include your Discography with album artwork, song titles, release date, lyrics, buying options and audio player.

The theme is made to be flexible, so you can easily change the band’s logo, favicon, colors, slider images and other elements via Theme Options Panel. The theme also includes two skins: light and dark.

The theme includes stylesheets for the shop so you can make it match perfectly with the rest of your layout. It is made to be very easy to use and setup, even for those who don’t have any coding knowledge. The theme comes with social media integration: Twitter and Facebook buttons are added to every news post and every album. In addition to this, you can easily add all your social profiles in the theme’s footer.

The theme is made with fans in mind, so it provides excellent user experience. It comes with a news section so you can keep your visitors informed. All the important information your fans are interested in can be shared directly on your homepage using handy custom widgets. There are 6 widgets made to share your content, such as upcoming tour dates, latest pictures, latest videos, newest album, and more.

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In-depth Feature Comparison:

Your chosen theme should suit your music style and have all the necessary features. It's crucial for your band’s success so it’s important to evaluate each theme and see which one offers everything you need. You may not need all of them so it’s best to see which themes have just the type of features you find useful.

Theme Comparison Table

For a more detailed view, see the larger image


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Some of these themes do have the built-in advertising spots, while others are designed for content promotion only. Anyway, WordPress is a very flexible platform, so you can extend any theme by adding some plugins or extra features anytime.

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