Which WordPress Theme Is the Best for Your Personal Blog, Business Website or Portfolio? The One that Represents You

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There are many different types of WordPress themes and many different designs. When choosing a suitable theme for your personal blog, website or portfolio, it's crucial to pick a theme that reflects your personality. It goes beyond liking a theme's design. It is important to understand what kind of a person you are and what kind of content you wish to share. Your WP theme should reflect this personality to make you feel comfortable managing your website.

Once you decide what you need and what WP theme personality suits you best, search for different themes to compare them and choose the best one for you. To make the search easier, use our advanced filtering tools to your benefit.

Here are some of the most popular WP theme personality types:

Big & Bold Themes:

If you like attention, a big & bold WordPress theme is the best choice for you. These themes are specially designed to impress your visitors with large photographs, full-width designs and bold typography. These sites demand visitors to look and they draw a lot of attention.

These attention-grabbing themes are perfect for those who want their websites to stand out in a big way. They are often specially designed for photographers who wish to present their work, but they are also a great choice for personal sites and creative agencies.

One possible drawback to this type of websites is that you need to know how to balance the bold design with your content. If you are a kind of a person who loves attention, you probably know that keeping people interested is also important. For these reasons, it's crucial that your site has something to offer beyond catchy design. Also, you should never let design take attention away from your content.


Bold WordPress Theme

Nimble is a bold WordPress theme suitable for many different types of websites. Comes with powerful features for organizing your content.

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Indie Fest

WordPress Band Theme

Indie Fest is a unique WordPress band theme. Includes GigPress for tour dates, SoundCloud player, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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WordPress Unique Theme

Masculine is a WordPress unique theme for portfolios. Includes 2 portfolio layouts, custom backgrounds, sliders, 3 post formats, archives, 3 custom widgets.

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Minimalist Portfolio WordPress Theme

Smarald is a minimalist portfolio WordPress theme with responsive, retina-ready layout. Supports 7 post formats, portfolios with 3 portfolio types and touch swipe functionality.

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Organized Themes:

If you are an organized person, clean website designs work the best for you. This type of WordPress themes put your content into focus, and they have sharp, easy to use navigation so they provide a great user experience. If you like to keep everything perfectly organized and easily accessible, this is the best type of a theme for you.

These themes don't rely on bright colors or eccentric designs. As a result, they draw attention to your content. It is a great choice for people who like their words and other content to be seen and understood. These themes are also good for practical people who don't like when a design draws attention away from the content.


Professional and Flexible WordPress Theme

Astra is a professional and flexible WordPress theme for business websites. Includes visual composer, skins, shortcodes, testimonials, tem, gallery, slider, recent works.

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WordPress Theme for Bloggers

Lefty is a responsive WordPress theme for bloggers. Features large page space, left-aligned design, widgetized areas, shortcodes.

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Elegant Business WordPress Theme

Foxy is an elegant business WordPress theme with full eCommerce integration. The theme is fully responsive. This is a all-in-one solution for business websites.

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One downside to this type of themes, especially for personal sites, blogs and portfolios is that they may seem impersonal. If you wish to use a portfolio for professional purposes, well-organized, clean WP themes sure make a good impression. However, they don't always reveal the person behind the website so it's important to make your personality shine through your content.

Collective Themes:

If you are a person who likes to showcase all of the work at the same time, these types of layouts make your website seem like a collection of items. It's a perfect choice for people who like their visitors to immediately see what's out there. This sort of layouts help visitors get a better understanding of a site's owner, because all of the snippets, photos and other content are out there.

Grid-based designs allow you to present many different items at the same time. They are great for portfolio items or microblogging. With a grid layout, you will be able to show a wide range of content in a relatively small space. Post thumbnails of your latest designs or display short post snippets. This design allows visitors to quickly see what's out there and they can click on items they are interested in.

The downside of this type of a WP theme is that it may seem too busy and cluttered, so it's not the best choice for those who like to keep everything perfectly organized. Also, due to the snippet-thumbnail nature of these WordPress themes, it sometimes may seem like the site is lacking in long textual content.


Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme for Designers

Marble is a highly flexible WordPress Portfolio theme for graphic designers. 6 Completely different homepage layouts, drag & drop page builder and more.

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WordPress Photography Template

PhotoPress is a WordPress photography template made for showcasing photographs. It features sliders, responsive masonry homepage, grid layout and infinite scroll.

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Free Grid-Based WordPress Theme

Gridly is a free grid-based WordPress theme ideal for building a portfolio. Includes a widgetized footer and 2 color schemes. Fully responsive design.

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Minimalist Themes:

Minimalist WP themes are ideal for those who like to keep it simple. These themes have a basic design that emphasizes functionality over visuals. Minimalist sites are simple and clean, and this type of design truly puts your content into focus. It is a great choice for those who are practical and value functionality over presentation.

These themes tend to emphasize minimalist design without many elements, colors or heavy features. White is a common color for this type of websites and layouts are usually not image-heavy. The whole emphasis is on your content.

The drawback is that these themes, while clean and professionally designed, don't have eye catching, pretty designs. That's why it's so vital that you have engaging content your visitors will care about.


Minimal WordPress Template

Classique is a minimal WordPress template with lots of white spaces. It uses homepage slider and it includes blog and portfolio sessions, widgets and theme customizer.

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Personal WordPress Theme

Personality is a responsive personal WordPress theme. Includes various layout options, post format styles, color lightness detection, customizable logo, retina-ready.

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WordPress Simple Blog Theme

Basic is a WordPress simple blog theme with minimalist design. It supports 6 post formats: standard, gallery, video, audio, quote and link. Fully responsive.

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WP eCommerce Theme

Clean Sale is a responsive WP e-Commerce theme. Includes multi-block image slider on homepage, sliders for products and WooCommerce support.

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Creative Themes:

These WordPress themes are ideal for creative types who don't like to follow established rules. These unique personalities require unusual designs. Creative layouts and engaging content are a perfect combination for presenting you and your work.

Most of these themes feature stunning designs that attract attention, but they are not necessarily big & bold. Instead, these designs have a certain personality that should reflect your content and the work you wish to present. That's why it's so important to choose a creative theme that truly represents you.

The downside to this type of themes is that a design may sometimes bee too creative so it may not always provide the best user experience. That's why it's important not to forget about your site's functionality. Remember, interesting design will not help if you don't have engaging content to offer.


Purple WordPress Portfolio Theme

Mustache is a purple WordPress portfolio theme ideal for showcasing your work, products and services. Comes with over 20 custom icons.

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Retro Portfolio

Vintage Style Wordpress Theme

Retro Portfolio is a vintage style WordPress theme ideal for artists and professionals who wish to display their work.

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Hand-Drawn WordPress Theme

OnTheGo is hand-drawn WordPress theme that can be used as a page-based CMS or a traditional blog. Includes fresh design and 4 different color schemes.

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Hot Pixels

Video Background WordPress Theme

Hot Pixels is a responsive WordPress theme with 3 video backgrounds and matching poster images. Includes a supersized full screen portfolio.

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When it comes to business and corporate sites, choosing the right WordPress theme is very important for success. The right theme personality type will attract the right audience and it will present your products and services in the most effective manner.

Some of the most common WP theme personality types for business websites include:

Visual Themes:

These WP themes have striking designs, big images and creative effects. They are visually stunning and they instantly draw attention. Themes that fall into this category have strong visuals, interactive content and interesting navigation options. They are beautiful and they make your visitors pay attention to your content.

This type of themes is ideal for professional or agency portfolios, model websites and other image-heavy sites. However, they may also work well in other situations. Sliders with powerful effects can be used for presenting featured products and services, and they can help you present your content in a visually effective way.


Clear WordPress Theme

Blocked is a fully responsive clear WordPress theme. Includes 12 color schemes and 1-4 column portfolio for showcasing your work.

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Agency Pro

Professional Agency WordPress Theme

Agency Pro is a professional agency WordPress theme with 7 post formats and a powerful, full-width featured image slider. Fully responsive and touch-enabled.

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Responsive Medical WordPress Theme

MediCenter is a responsive medical WordPress theme with a wide slider and 6 different homepage layouts. 20+ page templates: about, team, departments, timetable, gallery, etc.

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Simplistic Themes:

Simple and clean, one page themes are a good choice for starter business websites. It is important to get your name out there as soon as possible, and that's why it's crucial to have a website for your business. However, sometimes you don't need to invest much. Also, a starter business doesn't need one of those heavy, complicated websites. In these situations, a simple, one-page WordPress theme is exactly what you need.

These themes are fast and they are ideal for presenting your content. The design is often minimalist, so it puts your content into focus. However, it doesn't mean that these starter themes can't have stunning designs. It all depends on what you need and what suits your small business.


Powerful All-purpose WordPress Theme

Incentive is a powerful all-purpose wordpress theme with responsive & retina-ready design, Slider Revolution, 7 post formats, audio player, sortable portfolio, drag & drop composer.

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Multi-purpose Theme for Businesses

District is a multi-purpose theme for business websites. It has responsive design and touch/swipe sliders for showcasing content. Includes a sortable portfolio.

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Minimalist WordPress Theme

Fling is a minimalist WordPress theme with a fully responsive layout. It has Revolution Slider, custom post types label, threaded comments, custom pagination.

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Vintage Themes:

These themes are ideal for websites emphasizing nostalgia and familiar atmosphere. They are often colorful and they make visitors feel welcomed. As such, this WP theme personality is ideal for restaurants, gift shops, bookstores and other businesses where a sense of familiarity and comfort is important. Use these themes to invite your visitors to spend some wonderful time at one of your locations, or offer them beautiful gifts and products that will make their homes more beautiful and enriched.

These vintage themes can often seem familiar and personal, so they are also suitable for portfolios. If you wish to strike a perfect balance between professionalism and individuality, vintage portfolio WordPress themes may be a perfect choice.


Chic WordPress Theme

Hailey is a beautiful chic WordPress theme for personal, home, stationery sites. Includes beautiful slider, shortcodes, responsive design, extensive theme options, color wheel picker.

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Retro Portfolio WordPress Theme

Extinct is a retro portfolio WordPress theme with responsive design, retina-ready icons and vintage design. Includes touch swipe sliders and shortcodes.

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WordPress Classic Theme

AMADEUS is a responsive WordPress classic theme. Includes blog section, work section, SEO, theme customizer, support for WP plugins (bbPress, Disqus, Contact Form 7, Jetpack...)

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Interior Design WordPress Theme

hStudio is an elegant interior design WordPress theme. Includes page templates and a contact form. Ideal for business and creative portfolios.

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These are just some of the main personality types, but you may encounter more. For example, there are cute, feminine WordPress themes, such as Adelle, and there are also interesting, colorful themes such as Simplicity. Those who prefer dark color schemes and themes with an attitude should choose a well-designed dark theme, such as London Creative or Examination.

There are also other popular WP theme types that may be perfect for your business. It's very important to understand your business and your target audience so you can choose an appropriate WordPress theme personality type for your website. For a personal blog, website or a portfolio it's important to choose a WordPress theme that fully captures your personality.

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