Personal Tumblog-style WordPress Theme


Personal Tumblog-style WordPress Theme


Anew is a free tumblog-style WordPress theme which is ideal for personal blog or website. It is fully responsive, so it will look great on every device from old school smartphones to high resolution Retina screens. The way sidebars are treated for phones and tablets is pretty unique.

You will be stunned by the variety of post formats, each shown in a unique way. Write about something you love and share it with the world by using this classic tumblog-style WordPress theme.

It's not that common for a freebie to include so many useful features. Extensive styling options, flexible layout variations, integrated sharing widgets, localization support, just to name a few. Anew is one of the best free WordPress themes around, so if you like it, there's no need to waste your time looking for something else.

Theme features

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