WordPress Timeline Theme for Blog

DW Timeline

WordPress Timeline Theme for Blog


DW Timeline is a free WordPress timeline theme for blogs and personal sites. It is based on the widely used Roots framework. It features a creative timeline display for posts, inspired by Facebook’s timeline layout. DW Timeline theme is armed with support and custom styling for 6 post formats. Images, videos, quotes and other content types are all looking great together.

Blog posts are arranged in a timeline format with infinite scroll feature. There are pagination controls available on the right side of the page. Clicking on these links will take you further down to the next chunk of posts. Featured images are used as the header on individual posts. Featured images should be large enough to make this work well for you.

The homepage of this theme has a large customizable header. There are options built into WordPress Customizer for uploading a custom image and defining the colors of the header mask. If you want to use a different background image and colors, it is very easy to achieve a similar effect to what you see in the demo.

Theme features

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