Free Simple and Responsive WordPress Theme


Free Simple and Responsive WordPress Theme


If you need a free and simple theme for your WordPress blog, Flato is a good find. It is a template with just a few graphic elements and a simple classic blog composition. Flato is for those who would like to keep things simple on their website. At the same time, it is suitable for bloggers who enjoy trendy stuff, because it follows the tide of using flat elements in web design.

This theme is designed in a way that you could spend less time making your blog work and more time blogging. It doesn't include many features or layout options, but it is a nice blogging suite to start writing about things you love right away. It's clean and easy to read with decent size headings and clear typography.

It's really just a basic WordPress theme for bloggers, but it might be excellent for someone who want to give their blog a simple and classy look. Less features doesn't mean that you are giving up on cross-browser support. This theme is responsive, so the readers that are using mobile devices are also covered.

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