Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme


Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme


A marketplace is a special kind of online store where potential buyers meet sellers from all over the world. The aim of each marketplace owner is to bring the best products in by offering generous commissions for the developers and manufacturers.

If you want to create your very own marketplace and start building a community of buyers and sellers, Marketify is an excellent choice and one of the best WordPress themes around. In combination with Easy Digital Downloads plugin and the Marketplace extension bundle, this theme is suitable for building a variety of digital marketplaces. However, creating a marketplace is completely optional. You can simply use Easy Digital Downloads to sell your own products in a standard digital store.

This WordPress theme is mobile-friendly, so users can browse through the product listings even when they are on the go. It uses WordPress Customizer to make live design changes. You can choose different colors, set a background image and make a few other changes to the design.

Theme features

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